Meet The Franklin Apprenticeships Team

Franklin Apprenticeships is home to a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about the positive impact we provide for the businesses, communities, and individuals we serve.

We invite you to learn more about some of our talented team members.

Executive Team:

Kimberly Nichols
Kimberly NicholsCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
How Kim is Changing the American Workforce
As Co-Founder and CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships, Kim Nichols is igniting a movement, one reimagining the power of modernized apprenticeships to solve the workforce talent gap and educational debt crisis facing the U.S. today.
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Jackie Griffin
Jackie GriffinChief Operating Officer
How Jackie is Changing the American Workforce
Jackie Griffin brings 20+ years of experience in senior-level leadership to bear in creating the transformative initiatives that make Franklin Apprenticeships so unique.
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Dominic Gill
Dominic GillCo-Founder
How Dom is Changing the American Workforce
Dom is one of the industry’s leading apprenticeship experts, specializing in working with employers, workforce systems, and training providers to deploy programs built on best practices, yet tailored specifically to meet the unique goals of each program.
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Jennifer Alterwitz
Jennifer AlterwitzChief Marketing Officer
How Jennifer is Changing the American Workforce
Jennifer’s expertise in strategy development, defining and articulating business value, and executing the resulting plan is positioning Franklin Apprenticeships to help solve US skilled labor shortages while transforming lives, communities, and industries.
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Scott Turnbaugh
Scott TurnbaughDirector of Employer Engagement
How Scott is Changing the American Workforce
Scott brings to Franklin extensive experience from his previous roles in marketing and sales leadership for fast-growing Fortune 500 start-ups. At Franklin he is leading a team eager to match the hiring needs of IT and Automotive business owners with exceptional apprentice candidates.
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Andy Smyth
Andy SmythVice President of Apprenticeship Services
How Andy is Changing the American Workforce
Andy has worked in apprenticeships for over 33 years and wholeheartedly believes in helping individuals reach their full potential. This focus on empowering participants has paved the way for him to deliver large-scale apprenticeship programs for global organizations.
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Meredith Millett
Meredith MillettDirector of Recruiting
How Meredith is Changing the American Workforce
Finding the perfect match between candidate and employer is at the very heart of Franklin’s modern apprenticeship program, and Meredith’s 20+ years of experience in the field of recruitment clearly demonstrates that she has the skills necessary to help reshape the American workforce.
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Alison Nauman
Alison NaumanDirector of Operations
How Alison is Changing the American Workforce
Modernizing American apprenticeships requires utilization of robust technology and strategic processes for success. Fortunately for us, that’s where Alison’s skills truly shine.
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Employer Engagement Team:

Lauren DeSalvo
Lauren DeSalvoEmployer Engagement Manager
How Lauren is Changing the American Workforce
Lauren works closely with visionary employers searching for innovative ways to close the digital skills gap. She helps businesses define their unique technology needs, then uses that knowledge to connect them with motivated, relevant candidates and a structured, proven digital apprenticeship program.
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Operations Team:

Taylor Jolly
Taylor JollyRecruiting Specialist
How Taylor is Changing the American Workforce
Taylor facilitates collaboration across both the Recruiting and Employer Engagement Teams. She works passionately every day to streamline and optimize the apprentice journey and further contribute to employer relationship initiatives to close the current skills gaps in America.
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Ashly McClusky
Ashly McCluskyRecruiting Specialist
How Ashly is Changing the American Workforce
Ashly is responsible for screening and lining up employer interviews for our apprentices. Ashly’s confidence and keen listening skills make her critical to the successful communication between the employer, apprentice, and Franklin’s recruiting and business development teams.
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Jennifer Fryer
Jennifer FryerRecruiting Specialist
How Jennifer is Changing the American Workforce
It’s Jennifer’s passion for making connections, growing relationship, and helping people that drives her success in finding forward-thinking employers. Employers who are able to see the true value that modern apprenticeships provide to their business and communities.
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Kathy Logsdon
Kathy LogsdonSuccess Coach
How Kathy is Changing the American Workforce
Kathy’s job is to directly cheer our apprentices across the finish line and facilitate collaboration and communication between the employer, apprentice, recruiting, and business development teams to streamline a successful apprentice journey.
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Cindy Slaughter
Cindy SlaughterSuccess Coach
How Cindy is Changing the American Workforce
Cindy loves helping others achieve success, which makes her a perfect team member with Franklin’s mission-critical Success Coaches. Her hope is for “apprenticeship” to once again become part of the nation’s everyday vernacular
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