Our mission here at Franklin Apprenticeships? 

To Change the American Workforce. 

It’s as simple and as powerful as that. 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

We’re here to unlock opportunities for job seekers, employers, state agencies, and educators – all through modern apprenticeships.

In fact, our company is named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, a leader who began his professional life as an apprentice and who went on to become one of America’s most celebrated Founding Fathers. He was a practical man who recognized the value in learning by doing, honing both skills and knowledge, not only for self-advancement but also for national prosperity.

And similar to Benjamin Franklin, we also believe in the power of experience and in paving the way towards innovative, creative, and non-traditional approaches to workforce sustainability and success.

We believe in modern apprenticeships and their unique ability to ignite a movement in reshaping how employers hire workers, how educators develop skills, and how individuals secure careers. 

We believe that apprenticeships change lives, strengthen economies, and better communities. 

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Our team stands united by these beliefs, and through our collective passion to offer transformative opportunities to apprentices, to employers, to stakeholders, and to the communities that unite them all. 

We’ve assembled a preeminent team of thinkers, strategists, innovators, and doers. Among the very best and brightest, they’re working together on each and every vital aspect of what we do and how we do it, eager to offer an unrivaled opportunity to reimagine the American workforce.

Among our elite changemakers are Franklin Associates, individuals with proven expertise in creating and implementing successful modern apprenticeships. We incorporate their insights, knowledge, and lessons learned throughout our programs with the goal of providing the very best opportunities for both employers and apprentices.

We’re also proud to partner with an extensive array of well-established organizations, respected in their fields and connected in their communities. Workforce investment boards, educational and workforce associations, and training, technology, and program delivery providers all make up a strategic network working together to rediscover – and enhance – America’s competitive edge.  

Now, meet our team members and strategic partners who are #ChangingTheAmericanWorkforce.