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An apprenticeship program gives employers access to a trained, diverse, motivated talent pool that solves their skilled labor shortages while providing individuals with a proven path to high paying careers in tech.

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Network Engineer Pre-Apprenticeship

Put yourself on the path to an in-demand career by taking advantage of our training curriculum and develop the skills needed to perform as a Network Engineer. 

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IBM Z Apprenticeship

Join the exciting careers in Mainframe as a System Administrator or Mainframe Application Developer by entering this unique pre-apprenticeship opportunity. 

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Help Desk Technician

Learn AND Earn as a Modern Digital/IT Apprentice!

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Apprenticeships In Action

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Digital apprenticeship has helped make Frank’s business more successful by changing how he viewed minimum requirements for positions he was trying to fill.

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Holly had always been interested in coding and cyber security. She was working retail customer service and ready for a career change where we should explore something she was more passionate about.

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Commitment to Diversity in Hiring

A strong team is a diverse team. More and more candidates of varied backgrounds are seeking alternative paths to success, rejecting the traditional four-year college path and all its debt. Franklin recognizes your talents, and the value your perspective can bring, and can connect you with opportunities in the tech industry.



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