Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hire an apprentice and have a significant portion of training costs and support services – resulting in an ASE certification – paid for by the Missouri Department of Economic Development (MDED).

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Demand for tech workers is increasing but the talent pool is limited. Digital apprenticeships offer cost-effective training programs that develop middle-skill talent based on your companies’ IT/ digital needs.

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The Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Office through the Apprenticeship Innovation Fund has partnered with Franklin Apprenticeships to help solve Maryland’s IT workforce crisis.

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Modernizing American Apprenticeships

Unlock the Potential

Franklin Apprenticeships is igniting a movement to overhaul our ailing national and state workforce training and education systems. A consulting and capacity building firm founded by professionals from the US and the UK, we offer the strategy, tools, and support network to help reshape and reimagine the US Apprenticeship system.

Why Franklin Apprenticeships?

Working in partnership with businesses, educators, families, and economic and workforce development agencies, Franklin Apprenticeships is the first US-based firm dedicated solely to delivering on the promise for expansion of Apprenticeship Programs across the country.

Solving America’s 21st Century Workforce Issues

The talent gap is a national crisis that threatens America’s competitive edge. Applying the age-old practice of apprenticeships to new industries can serve to renew the purpose of America’s higher education and training systems—systems that have become ineffective and leave American youth both saddled with debt and deficient in the critical skills necessary for today’s highly competitive business environment.

Expanding the US apprenticeship program in existing industries, as well as developing programs in high growth industries such as IT, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and Professional Services, can help fill this gap.

Apprenticeships are real-life, inventive learning programs that create endless
possibilities for young adults, and can help solve America’s 21st Century workforce issues.

What’s Happening In The US Apprenticeship Industry?

The Task Force On Apprenticeship Expansion was created to “identify strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.”
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